Box Studio


The Vision

As a Junior Front-End Developer at Linchpin I worked with our Lead Designer, Back-End Developer and our client Kevin Box to rework his website. The Box Studio is a business that creates life sized origami and other metalwork at their studio in Santa Fe, NM. The client’s main request was for us to create a way for him to be able to archive his work on one of his websites, but have the work show up on his other site as well. The websites outsidetheboxstudio and origamiinthegarden have some overlapping work, but not all. I did not work on the back-end logistics – but I did revamp the front-end of his gallery on both sites.

The new gallery has artwork organized in a masonry grid that loads more on scroll. There is a filter that allows users to search through work by using keywords or choosing from curated searches. A user is able to also click deeper into a piece to learn more about it through a longer description about materials, size, inspiration as well as an opportunity to see additional photos. Together with the Lead Designer, Mary Beth and I thought about the best UI/UX implementations and came up with a solution that we felt best fit the Box Studio’s studio. Prior to this re-design the site did not have individual pages for each piece of artwork and the “gallery” itself was more of a list of work in an iframed box that a user would scroll through with no interactive capabilities. With the new site, Kevin is able to go more in depth with displaying each of his pieces and have a write-up on each of them if he wishes. The Box Studio has a lot of amazing work that is definitely worth checking out – I encourage you to browse through the site and get lost in the beautiful work (and beautiful UI).

Final Product