The Vision

As a Front-End Developer at Linchpin, Tamr was one of the client sites I worked on when new requests came in. With the help of our Production Designer and Tamr’s UX Designer I built out a number of interior, blog archive and landing pages for Tamr’s site as they were rolling out new features. We had a schedule to build out one page a week and as I built out these pages I made sure that each page used similar mark-up so that the Tamr team could edit when necessary and I could quickly get the pages live. I also worked on global changes, such as implementing new header, footer and tyopgraphy. The item I was most proud of building was a shortcode for a tabbed carousel slider used to display their customers in a clean and interactive way. It was fully responsive and easily editable if the customers ever changed. It’s no longer on their website now – but the first image below will depict what I’m referring to.

Final Product