Wildcat Experiences


The Vision

At Johnson & Wales the Campus 2022 Committee asked Design Services to collaborate with them on the launch of a campaign – Wildcat Experiences. The goal was to develop a stronger a sense of community between students, alumni, faculty and staff through ‘experiences’. Wildcat Experiences are for all members of the community to participate in be part of year after year (i.e. annual events or “traditions”). I was the lead designer for this project and Caitlin Isles was the lead writer.

An identifier was needed in order to identify the events or “things” that wildcats do that are considered key experiences. In accompaniment to the identifier, a poster that pinpointed all items that are considered a ‘wildcat experience’ was designed, social media graphics were created to be posted when events were happening and screen graphics to display on hallway monitors were also created. Pins are a future endeavor that will be made as a giveaway at Wildcat Experience events.

The Process

  • Identifier option 1

  • Identifier option 2

  • Identifier option 3

  • Wildcat illustration progress

  • Rough sketch of poster used as a jumping off point.

  • First proof that was presented to the client

  • Full timelapse video of the entire progress of the poster in Adobe Illustrator. From color changes, poster size changes, copy and content changes, direction changes, etc. The path was no where near a straight line but it ended up coming out great anyway.

  • First magnet option. Although the magnet didn’t make the cut for a final deliverable due to budget, it’s still an archived option for the future.

  • A second magnet option.

Final Product