JWU Digital Marketing Campaigns


The Vision

As a Graphic Designer at Johnson & Wales University I joined a new team in our org called team Quick Strike. The team’s composed of content creators, a designer and a digital marketing professional. Together we are tasked with requests that provide quick turn-around solutions. A lot of the pieces we work together are focused on areas that need immediate attention based on recent stats that are gathered. For example, certain programs that are down in apps or a focus that needs attention based on the time of year. I am responsible for delivery of all digital assets needed for digital marketing campaigns, such as social posts, story graphics for Instagram and Facebook and digital display ads for Google. While working on these items I’ve explored many different ways to grab the attention of potential students by creating colorful graphics, gifs and motion graphics using Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.
Because these projects require a quick turn around time, I jump right into designing without sketching or brainstorming a layout. The team discusses the audience, CTA, ad headline and imagery needed. Once these items are pinned down I dive in and create what I feel will be best for the campaign. Below are some of my favorites and the top performers.

Final Product

  • Visit Campaign – Story

  • Visit Campaign – Feed. This gif was a top performer amongst the many designs I worked on between May 2020 and December 2020. I really think the movement and imagery of engaged students within this gif were the main elements that drew the most attention.

  • Culinary Campaign – Story

  • Culinary Campaign – Feed. This design was my favorite, I feel the lines and composition came out really well and would be engaging to a student interesting in this type of degree. I don’t think it was ever used, but hopefully there can be a use for it in the future.

  • 80+ Programs – Story

  • 80+ Programs – Feed.