The Headless Technician Branding


The Vision

As the Creative Director at JAS Design & Screen-Printing Studio I was contacted to brand a YouTube Channel. I created a logo, apparel and graphics for the The Headless Technician. I based my design off the literal meaning of the channel name. The client’s uniform was used as a reference for the shirt in the logo so that the channel was completely cohesive. I feel I successfully captured the industry with this logo and made it easy to understand what the subject was with or with out text next to the icon. Once the logo was finalized and approved, I inverted the colors for embroidery. My boyfriend at JAS embroidered the gear icon on hats and the full logo on button up shirts. Additionally, I supplied a cover photo and profile image for the client to use on Youtube.

The Process

Proof 1

Proof 2

Final Product