Old Orchard Beach Rebrand

Design Dev

The Vision

During my last class at Johnson & Wales we were given a choice to write our own prompt for a project. I decided to refresh Old Orchard Beach’s branding. During my process I designed a logo that contains a stylized icon and customized typography. This logo can be displayed on apparel in different variations. I also created a brochure that could be found at welcome centers and rest stops using copy from Old Orchard Beach’s website and photographs I took during my visit. It is common for these brochures to get tossed after being read, that’s just the nature of them – in an effort to prevent that from happening the back of the brochure has a photo of the sunrise over the beach that could be displayed rather than thrown away. Last but not least, I designed a solution for the homepage that could be implemented in conjunction with the new brand roll out.

Final Product

  • dsc_0486_forweb
  • dsc_0474_forweb
  • dsc_0481__forweb
  • dsc_0483_forweb
  • dsc_0485_forweb